La madama juju
Love girl

Guardian Spirit Dolls

JuJu dolls are commonly sought for their good luck and protection properties. The term "juju" refers to an object, the object is in a doll form, that has been blessed and functions to keep evil and negativity away. Sometimes JuJu dolls are referred to as guardians because they are used to protect the home from negativity.

All of our JuJu dolls are handmade, one of a kind.  They get their energy from their heads which are hand sculpted of clay. Their spirit comes from their bodies which are stuffed with Spanish moss that is picked from cypress trees that the southern breeze blows through as the moss hangs from the trees.Their strength comes from pine needles. They wear feathers which allow their spirits to take flight to find the best luck, wisdom and protection for you. JuJu Spirit  Dolls are adorned with charms and trinkets that are sewn onto their vibrant robes. The dolls carry a variety of items in their red mojo bags which are considered the dolls hands depending upon the type of spirit your doll is.  For example: a lucky bean for good luck combined with a sharks tooth for protection and a variety of herbs to bless you , your home , and all that enters !  Each doll is designed to affirm your unique spirit and  are used as focusing tools to help enrich your life with love, prosperity, good health, enhance karma and luck as well as many other positive influences. 

Tap into your Spirit

Energize your doll by channeling your positive energy and wishes through it to amplify your power and wishes.

RED  is for Power

YELLOW is for Success

GREEN  is for Wealth

WHITE  is for Healing

PURPLE  is for Spirituality

 BLUE is for Love

JuJu Dolls are not voodoo dolls nor are they used for evil rituals, they are not possessed. JuJu Dolls are merely  "amplifiers"  for your own power and wishes.
JuJu dolls are for protection, enhance karma and luck.

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